What is threat hunting?

And what is the value of threat hunting to your business?

Firstly, we will start with this excellent video by Panda Security on their Managed Threat Hunting service which is bundled with Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360).

When we find a process that we don’t know, we send it (only once) to our labs to be classified. In the vast majority of cases for PandaLabs this is an automated process (99.998%). For the small remainder, we have a team of security analysts who will manually inspect and classify, creating rules for the continuous improvement of our automatic detections.

https://www.pandasecurity.com/mediacenter/security/edr-threat-hunting/, accessed 2nd of August 2020

In practice, this attestation service means that 100% of processes running on your network is 1) attested and investigated by specialists in industry and 2) never needs to be attested again (even if it is made malicious AD360 will terminate the process through its Machine Learning toolset).

So do Hayachi Services provide Managed Security Services?

The short answer is no, we don’t need to. Our partners do this as part of the product portfolio that we bring to the legal industry (lawtech and legaltech are included here).

Rather than responding reactively to malware threats, our security analysts are actively engaging in Threat Hunting.

https://www.pandasecurity.com/mediacenter/security/edr-threat-hunting/, accessed 2nd of August 2020

As an example, by running a Trial of Dell Endpoint Security onto your endpoints, and giving the underlying technologies up to two weeks to identify everything installed on your endpoints – you would have already used and benefited from the Threat Hunting service provided as standard with our Endpoint Detection and Response offering.

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