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Values – why Unique is good

On our About Us page we talk about our values. This series of blogs talks about our values in more detail, and why they are important to us.

Something that is unique is the only one of its kind.


I wish Hayachi Services were unique as a technology provider, but frankly we aren’t. We can’t be. Why? Well, we aren’t the only organisation on the market that are excellent and we love open technologies which allow organisations to be mobile and avoid vendor lock-in (including us). Simple as. But we are unique and an organisation and that matters.

So, what makes us unique?

  • Our culture: as a fun, helpful and quirky organisation
  • Our clients: they shape us, we shape them. From the international legal or financial institution, to the sole-trader running her own business best she can, we listen and learn from you.
  • In conversation with you: personally, we love speaking to customers and learning about your lives, your history and where you see yourselves in the future. Being in conversation with you energises us.
  • Practicalities: in our view if it doesn’t WORK WELL there is a problem. A rubbish system ‘working’ is not the ideal solution for anybody, we wouldn’t settle for it and nor should our clients.

How then is the above good?

Our culture informs how we work, how we engage with the community and fundamentally why we do what we do. This feeds into how we speak to our customers, in a way that is unmatched: members of our team are often told they are the friendliest IT person our clients have met in their lifetimes.

Practically this means that we offer an excellent service that is very hard to match – informed by and invested in the success of your staff and your organisation as a whole.

Being amazing 100% of the time is impossible, but since our founding we will ever try to keep our unique slant on who we are and how we work with you toward our ideals.

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