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Values – why being ‘Here to help, always’ matters

On our About Us page we talk about our values. This series of blogs talks about our values in more detail, and why they are important to us.

To start with, frankly customers don’t pay for us to NOT be helpful. Although it goes deeper than that.

For our staff, they want a business which is indeed there to help.

  • Staff don’t want an extractivist relationship with an employer (or engager) but one of partnership. We invest in them, they invest in us.
  • We help our staff grow and get through the good times and bad.
  • From a diversity, equity and inclusion perspective this is also so very key – I can’t stress enough how having an outlook of helpfulness is central to success.
  • I want staff to leave on good terms and move onto ever greater heights – if Hayachi Services is a stepping stone so be it. We can’t monopolise success, but we can be experts at it.

Customers also want a supplier who is: able to help, wants to help, and is there to help when needed.

  • Our Discovery Sessions are free because we do want to help customers and prospects to learn about technology and how it can help them.
  • As Director I like to think I am generous with my time, often I am. It’s an old joke now, but “I’m always available, unless I’m not.”
  • Our staff need to be available for you. Not email you because they can’t be bugged to call. Not push back on being helpful on account of something being a complex ask. We’re all here to help each other. There is no ‘Not my problem’ with Hayachi Services.
  • We are open about our margin – 30% – because you as a customer need to know that we aren’t ‘rinsing’ you, and are instead helping with due regard for your business’ future success.

Having written this, it does sound very wishy-washy! So we’ll end how we started: frankly customers don’t pay for us to unhelpful. Frankly, our staff are NOT the sort of people to avoid helping when needed. We are always here to help.


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