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Sustaining Network Security

Network Security - Making IT work

Sustaining Network Security is fundamental to protecting your business. Many organisations will purchase a Firewall but fail to regularly patch (that is, update) their systems and this in turn creates vulnerabilities that cyber-criminals take advantage of.

Many smaller businesses and charities naturally cannot afford annual penetration tests and monthly review of their IT Estates in order to confirm that everything is functional. This is despite 33% of new malware (Malicious Software) being file-less, and so a basic antivirus will be unable to protect against these new and growing security threats.

Given that the internet is critical to the day-to-day of many businesses, the ability to have a secure internet connection is central to success. Whether you are connecting to a Cloud or within an office the need is there: simply reliable internet/network security.

Panda Security and WatchGuard
WatchGuard are a leading IT Security vendor providing end-to-end solutions to modern security problems.

Network Security for small business

Hayachi Services are a proud member of the FSB, we wholly understand that security at any cost is simply not a workable outlook for many small businesses. So instead we ensure that you achieve comprehensive security that is cost-effective and value-driven.

When you purchase a Firewall or Endpoint Security solution there will always be a cost to setup the platforms you buy, this is why a focus on Return On Investment (ROI) is very important early on.

If your purchases don’t take Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance and your ROI into consideration, it is possible your expenditure will instead turn into a black-hole; many Managed Service Providers are more than happy to sell such money-makers.

Instead, focus on the capability and build a plan around the purchase – the kit may be designed for small business but you must also ensure the services are SME-friendly too.

At Hayachi Services we do of course have our favourites, but through the use of a Security Operations Centre your business may also be able to make the most of current infrastructure that you already own. There is no need to buy new kit simply because a vendor recommends it, ensure you make the most out of whatever you already have.

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