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Patch Management

Do you get fed up of always being asked by your computer, phone or smart device to install the next update?

Well, imagine trying to keep up with a company’s worth of IT infrastructure, where old or flawed software doesn’t just mean less-than-optimal performance, it could actually create vulnerabilities in your IT environment. When this happens there are two options – leave it and hope for the best, or get an IT ninja to patch it for you!

Gartner believes that 99% of security breaches are as a result of KNOWN vulnerabilities.

Modern IT environments have never been more complex, and even a startup business will rely on applications that are critical to everyday operation – even something as simple as Microsoft Word needs to be patched occasionally, and can wreak havoc if not managed correctly. Patching helps to maintain a good cyber posture for your organisation, and with all your devices running the latest applications and software, disruption and compatibility issues can be largely avoided.

Patch management is also vital to maintain security – fixing vulnerabilities in your software that might be an easy target for cyber criminals. By closing these windows of opportunity, we can help you to ensure a secure IT system that delivers on your business requirements and solidifies the trust of your clients.

One in three businesses who have suffered a data breach have lost customers as a result.

Our Panda partnership

Plenty of vendors have Patch Management tools available and we’re well-versed in a lot of them. We are particularly fond of Panda Security’s solution, as their add-on can be integrated with your existing antivirus so it is a one-click add-on which Patches: Operating Systems (e.g. Windows) and Applications from more than 170 software vendors.

Learn more about our partnerships here.

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