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IT Automation

If your IT infrastructure requires a lot of human intervention, it might be time to automate the boring stuff!

By implementing automation, software can be used to repeat established processes, policies or instructions which would typically require a large sum of human working-hours.

Automation lets your in-house experts focus on the important stuff, all the while saving you time and money by ensuring important processes are delivered consistently.

For many businesses that are beginning to embrace cloud computing and virtual networks automation is essential for a variety of reasons: from keeping your data secure to assisting in the delivery of new resources, along with enabling you to ‘spin up’ systems on a needs basis than keeping legacy systems around ‘just in case’.

Benefits of automation

Lower Project Costs

Faster Migration

Standardised Infrastructure

Resilience for Critical Workloads

Compliance across your Information Systems

Greater control over Security Operations

How can we help?

There are a wide range of server and cloud-based applications and services that can be automated, and our IT ninjas can show you the best way forward. Working closely with you throughout a project allows us to make and implement recommendations, putting systems in place to smooth-out the daily operation of your business.

With improved speed, security and consistency, your IT Estate will scale and integrate new capabilities with fewer mistakes and less time wasted, ensuring you have a responsive system which serves the everyday needs of your business.

Our Red Hat partnership

When it comes to installing a full suite of applications to a device – be it a server or workstation – a lightweight client that can punch above its weight is ideal. Red Hat Ansible Automation is proven to work in the most critical environments, such as for the British Army, and allows complex and simple applications to be deployed at speed.

Industry-leading virtualisation is always based on a *nix OS, such as Red Hat Virtualisation and VMWare, and thus natively supports Python. Red Hat Ansible Automation boasts complete neutrality through Python making it our tool of choice for automating every IT system.

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Whether you’re adopting cloud computing and cloud security, automating your IT infrastructure, or working to build a more inclusive and productive culture – our roadmap resource is here for you.

A roadmap provides your business an expression of intent of where you plan to be and how to get there, allowing stakeholders within your organisation understand the end-goal and how it can be achieved.

Hayachi Services are here to help you ensure your Digital Transformation goals are achieved on-time and on-budget.

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