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Cloud Native Infrastructure

If your business is required to hold large amounts of data (such as in legal or financial services) then the secure storage and the fastest possible recall of that data is a must. When you are under pressure, or working in the field, you can’t always rely on the computing power of a single machine to deliver the goods for you.

Most offices currently use physical servers, however these can reap a toll on your business through wasteful energy usage and general maintenance costs – potential clients can even be put off if your company isn’t making the most of green innovation!

Using our years of IT support experience, we can help to raise your infrastructure to the cloud. It’s more than just renting server time – we can help you to create a forward-thinking system capable of scaling alongside your business. Moving the computing power away from individual machines and to the cloud gives you the freedom to run multiple applications, recall data with lightning speed, enable virtualisation platforms, the list goes on – and all while you’re cutting your energy costs and earning those green credentials!

What is cloud-native infrastructure?

Cloud-first infrastructure reduces your business’s reliance on in-house servers and computing stacks, instead offsetting your computer and network load to a cloud-based service that provides the latest in available applications and technologies. Through this method you can achieve super-fast connections without the associated costs of running and maintaining your own servers.

For SMEs and growing enterprises, a cloud-based IT system can allow you to embrace new technologies that set you apart from the old guard.

Our Red Hat partnership

It is a fact that the economies of scale brought by using automated cloud-based solutions in Dell’s ecosystem, such as Red Hat Openshift with Ansible Automation, allow firms to deploy faster and with fewer resources. The result is further enhancing the operation and longevity of your organisation as well as service delivery for your clients.

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Seeking Digital Transformation?

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Whether you’re adopting cloud computing and cloud security, automating your IT infrastructure, or working to build a more inclusive and productive culture – our roadmap resource is here for you.

A roadmap provides your business an expression of intent of where you plan to be and how to get there, allowing stakeholders within your organisation understand the end-goal and how it can be achieved.

Hayachi Services are here to help you ensure your Digital Transformation goals are achieved on-time and on-budget.

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