Servers and the Cloud – Private, Public, Hybrid

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What is the Cloud?

Simply put, the ‘Cloud’ is a network connected computer. It is a server, desktop, laptop, or even a Raspberry Pi which is connected to the internet and accessible either privately (your server in the office), publicly (think Red Hat Gluster Storage, SOLiD Pods, or Google Drive) or a mixture of both.

Private, Public, Hybrid?

In order to keep things simple, we will use the analogy of a garden:

The Private Cloud is indoors, sealed within your network: think Kew’s indoor Rainforest – Palm House. Large, varied and contained.

The Public Cloud is outdoors, in the open air and just as secure (when configured well): think Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of both: the whole of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is a good example.

Green with Envy? A well-configured cloud is indeed something to be jealous of.

Why should you care?

Cloud Computing is not new, in fact many firms large and small use NFS – Network File Systems – to store data on a ‘Drive’. This allows your local computer, say a laptop, to use data stored on another device such as Dell PowerStore servers.

The same can be done with applications, billing, websites, and all other elements of computing. Coupled with a datacentre that uses environmentally-sustainable electricity and new efficient Dell hardware, the Cloud empowers firms to be faster, more cost-effective and more secure because the Cloud done well scales in harmony with your business.

Efficiency with Open Source, and Red Hat

As a Dell Technology partner we are incredibly proud of how Dell uses Enterprise Open Source to empower our clients through Dell Cloud and Red Hat Cloud.

Dell PowerStore is the world’s fastest storage solution, and alongside Red Hat have a co-engineered an OpenStack® solution for private and hybrid cloud deployments.

Which should you choose, isn’t the ‘Cloud’ simply that? Not Quite: “Cloud computing is the act of running workloads within clouds—which are IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network. Neither cloud computing nor clouds are technologies unto themselves.”

Your technology partners matter. Your technologies matter. Our clients can seek vendor-neutral expertise through our technology partnerships – or become fenced in somebody else’s Cloud.

We highly recommend Dell and Red Hat Cloud because choice and agility matters for your business.

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Why Open Source Cloud?

As Red Hat eloquently put it: Every cloud is unique. That means you need an OS that can do anything. And the only ones that can do everything are open source software, like Linux. So start with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It lets you run cloud-native apps with the control, confidence, and freedom that comes from a consistent foundation across any cloud deployment.

How can Hayachi Services help?

Our expertise working with top-50 UK law firms, national legal and accountancy practices, international financial institutions and a range of vendors from Microsoft, AWS, Dell Technologies and Red Hat means that we have the expertise to help your business and deliver your goals.

We are not uniquely placed to do so. Instead we are uniquely open about the simple fact that working in partnership with our clients and vendors is both difficult and exhilarating. Every Cloud is unique and we treat them as such.

Chat with us and find out how we can help your firm unlock your Cloud!

A Private Cloud can be just as cost effective as Public Cloud