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Remote Management Software (RMM)

How RMM software can sustain an IT team

The ability to have oversight over your organisation is valuable – incredibly valuable – knowing what is installed where, how it is running and being able to routinely report on this allows you to have timely information when you need it. It also saves money by making administration swifter and easier when you need to make changes.

Every organisation should use enterprise-class antivirus, this doesn’t mean the most expensive tool on the market – simply the one best suited to your needs and one which protects you from modern threats.

As a WatchGuard partner we find that many of our clients find integrating their RMM software with their antivirus the easiest way to manage an IT Estate. After all, if it isn’t secured then it should not really even be there – it’s simply added risk at that point.

Below is a video by Panda Security on their RMM solution, it’s a simple point-and-click exercise that gives your organisation total oversight over what’s happening and where things can improve. Simple, powerful and effective.

In addition to Panda’s integrated RMM alongside antivirus, all of our customers benefit from our platform of choice – Ninja RMM – should they wish to use it.

Depending on the most mature and best-value cloud-based antivirus is a natural choice, extending this to ensure each and every device on your system has an equally mature RMM toolbox is the cherry on top.

Coupled with other solutions such as Data Control and Advanced Reporting, you can even manage and report on complex datasets and sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data to avoid data leaks.

Using RMM to protect against 99% of IT Security threats

It is also the case that Patching is central to Information Security – and without it you open up 99% of cyberattacks to your organisation. This is a critical issue even the largest organisations often fail to achieve.

Conversely, being on-top of Patching and building a risk-profile allows your organisation to know exactly where it needs to invest in order to avoid unexpected costs such as a databreach or ransomware attack. Without investments in this area, you in effect self-insure against a cyberattack

While WatchGuard have a Patch Management solution for Windows devices, Red Hat’s Smart Management solution is unmatched for Enterprise Linux systems. Red Hat win the global award for best-value IT solutions yearly on account of them constantly investing in their community and customers.

Once again, our use of the Ninja RMM platform enables you to remotely manage Linux systems as well, including the deployment of scripts available via the Red Hat Smart Management platform. Smart Management a freely available tool as part of any Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription so no need to be shy – use it!

There is one final toolbox that we can help you deploy for more complex IT estates – typically medium sized organisations and above, or ones with significant regulatory control such as Banking.

Red Hat Ansible Tower is depended on by the British Army, Goldman Sachs, and a range of our larger organisations – you can patch, administer and sustain any IT Estate using this solution at every level and it is explored further here.

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