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Ransomware – a solution

A solution to the problem known as Ransomware

To put it simply Ransomware is the kidnapping of an IT system, typically done by encrypting the drive or boot partitions of an IT estate and then demanding a payment or action in order to be given a decryption key.

Many newer Ransomware solutions also allow an attacker to remotely access your system (VNC) and for data-exfiltration which means that an attacker can ransom the data and threaten to leak it without prompt payment.

Ransomware is a growing type of malware and since 2020 has been growing in complexity and range of victims, from national governments and critical infrastructure, to your local SMEs and charitable groups.

When it comes to security in all its forms nobody is safe until everybody is safe, however there are solutions available to prevent your estate suffering from Ransomware attacks outright while cybercriminals are hunted down.

We only recommend what we believe are the best solutions, and for implementing a truly Zero-Trust IT estate where nothing can act without it being marked as ‘Goodware’ Panda Security Adaptive Defense 360 is the leading light.

A solution that has resulted in millions of WatchGuard’s customers being totally safe from Ransomware – with only a single File-Based Malware attack going through on average across millions of devices globally. It is an unmatched solution and the most mature cloud-based Endpoint Detection and Response solution in the world.

We do also have a partnership with another favourite, Opswat, who work closely with defence and allow you to further secure your systems by using a multitude of antivirus engines – for Critical Infrastructure (e.g. Oil & Gas) we recommend using Opswat as your anti-virus and Panda Security for your advanced Endpoint Protection.

Zero-Trust is not about being paranoid – any and every internet connected system is at risk of malicious actors attempting to undo the hard work of your business operations, often in the most malevolent ways possible.

Ransomware is a problem which will not go away – for those individuals and organisations that do not invest in IT Security. Ransomware is however a perfectly avoidable expense providing you invest in the right solution to do away with the problem.

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