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WatchTower 365 (SOC)

Hayachi and WatchTower 365

Delivering an effective Security Operations Centre (SOC) to consistently secure your organisation

Organisations, need to protect sensitive information to remain competitive and secure. With the growing number of cyber-crimes, threats, and attacks by criminal gangs, protecting your operation is an evolving and challenging task. Investing in and managing a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a crucial pillar of giving security to the future of your business.


Why use Hayachi and WatchTower 365?

Hayachi Services and WatchTower 365 are proudly vendor-neutral, in practice this means that your IT Systems remain ‘pluggable’ and flexible for current and future needs. WatchTower offer unmatched value across the market, not holding back a single element of your Security Operations Centre (SOC) as an ‘added extra’ and instead bringing comprehensive IT Security solutions and compliance to your doorstep.

As your organisation paves it own way to success, Hayachi Services and WatchTower 365 will walk alongside you every step of the way. Vendor-neutrality means we share your vision rather than imposing our own on your organisation. 

WatchTower 365 are trusted by the the highest levels of the UK Government to provide a Security Operations Centre (SOC) As A Service solution, all the way down to securing SMEs and Micro-Businesses through their Guardian solution.

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) As A Service includes bi-annual pentests to ensure that you are constantly improving, securing. This enables you to demonstrate accountability and competence to senior management, key stakeholders and customers who care about IT Security.

The Guardian solution is designed for smaller organisations minded to demonstrate care and competence with IT Security, with unmatched value compared to any other solution on the market.

Benefits of WatchTower 365

  • SECURITY INFORMATION & EVENT MANAGEMENT (SIEM) Real-time visibility across a company’s security systems, event log management, automatic security event notifications and a dashboard for security issues.
  • FORENSICS Investigate, in real time, the alarm or event that occurs in your network to identify the nature of the threat, determine the extent of the exposure and contain or eradicate the threat from your environment as quickly as possible.
  • SOC AS A SERVICE Organisations, need to protect sensitive information and data to remain competitive and secure. With the growing number of cyber crimes, threats, and attacks, protecting your operations is an evolving and challenging task. Investing in and managing a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is today a crucial element of your network security.
  • THREAT HUNTING & INCIDENT RESPONSE Diligently track highly advanced cyber threats. Neutralise them with a collection of procedures aimed at identifying, investigating and responding to these threats in a way that minimises impact and supports rapid recovery.
  • MONITORING Monitoring allows identification of undetected threats. From outsiders connecting to internal networks to unauthorised internal accounts and insider threats, that threaten to expose, steal, breach or leak confidential and sensitive data.
  • ENDPOINT DETECTION & RESPONSE Integrated protection, detection, and response. Built for ease and speed for organisations of all sizes. It includes suspicious activity monitoring, guided investigation, ransomware rollback and more – a management built for Endpoints.
  • COMPLIANCE REPORTING (ISO 27001, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS) Security and IT Compliance Management against regulatory standards along with specific reports to support audits.

Bringing Excellence to SMEs

Even an organisation of one can protect themselves from cyber-criminals using the Guardian platform, gaining a competitive edge over those who choose not to put security first.

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