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Red Hat

Embrace leading Enterprise Open Source solutions used by professional services firms and major governments the world over.

Industry-leading products and services from Red Hat and Hayachi Services

Red Hat is the leading partner in open source enterprise IT solutions. Thanks to a transparent pricing model and the flexibility to adjust which services you use according to your requirements, it’s small wonder that Red Hat currently holds 80% of the Linux market. 

Red Hat’s open source facilities allow your enterprise to create an IT infrastructure that works every bit as hard as you do. Capable of automating processes and protocols, simplifying the launch and updates of applications, and shoring up system vulnerabilities, Red Hat is the trusted provider for digital acceleration by millions worldwide.

Why use Hayachi and Red Hat

Hayachi and Red Hat are driving digital transformation for UK enterprises with a plethora of products and services at their disposal. The combination of such powerful technology with our expert know-how means that we can turn your existing IT infrastructure into a data powerhouse, setting your business apart from the competition and paving the way for intensified innovation and growth.

Along our our own values statement we also embrace Red Hat’s values of being Open, Authentic, Helpful, and Brave.

90% of the Fortune 500 and many more trust Red Hat to run their Critical Infrastructure and Operationally Complex systems, including Deutsche Bank and the British Army
Red Hat’s subscription model means you can use transformative technologies flexibly, at competitive prices. Red Hat is value-driven and we can guarantee your firm will be surprised how much is on offer!
Work smarter using Enterprise Open Source and unlock the Potential of your business: automate, secure, scale and deploy new or existing systems using Red Hat’s Cloud-native and vendor-neutral technologies.
In the event that you are unsure if a technology suits your requirements, because Red Hat roots all of its technology in the open-source community you can test your solution to destruction before buying.

Embracing innovation is much more than technology: Red Hat’s industry-dominating technology (80% of the Linux market) to your doorstep with award-winning support, guidance and valuable opportunities for advocacy. Create a culture of ethical and sustained success through automation, security and compliance, and scalable computing and enable your vision for your ideal future.

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A roadmap provides your business an expression of intent of where you plan to be and how to get there, allowing stakeholders within your organisation understand the end-goal and how it can be achieved.

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