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Panda Security

Hayachi and Panda Security

Partners in cyber protection

Panda Security is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions. Its innovative security model can analyze and classify thousands of new malware samples every day, guaranteeing corporate customers and home users the most effective protection against internet threats with minimum impact on system performance.

Why use Hayachi and Panda Security?

Through our partnership with Panda Security we’re able to deliver wrap-around cyber security packages that protect against malware, ransomware, exploits, hacking attacks and much more. Better yet, our IT ninjas make use of cutting-edge security and patching techniques, working in harmony with Panda Security software to foil some cyber attacks before they even happen.

Benefits of Panda Security

  • Safeguarding your online activity using Machine Learning and Managed Security Services.
  • Centralised Cloud Portal for ease of management.
  • Additional tools including advanced reporting, patch management, encryption & data control, alongside others.
  • Easy and quick to deploy, saving time and money when migrating.
  • UK-based technical, sales and operational support team.
  • Unmatched value when compared to any EDR competitor.
  • The most mature 100% Cloud antivirus vendor in Europe, winning several Gartner awards.


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