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Panda Security

Hayachi and Panda Security

Panda Security is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions. Their innovative security model implements true zero-trust meaning systems under their protection are prevented from executing applications without first being classified as secure. WatchGuard and Panda Security ensure customers use pro-active security against new and established threats.

Why use Hayachi and Panda Security?

Through our partnership with WatchGuard we’re able to deliver holistic IT Security solutions which protect against malware (malicious software), ransomware, exploits, targeted cyber-attacks and much more.

Better yet, our IT Ninjas make use of cutting-edge security and patching technologies, working in harmony with your business to prevent cyber-attacks before they impact your business.


Through using a mature and established IT Security vendor you can minimise the risk of poor service or downtime, while also resting assure that the platform itself is secure. Conversely, Panda Security remain an innovator when compared to many older platforms.

Using Panda Security enables your business to benefit from innovative and yet stable solutions which ‘plug-in’ to many of WatchGuard’s industry-leading technologies.

Benefits of WatchGuard and Panda Security

  • Safeguarding your online activity using Machine Learning and Managed Security Services, from network to endpoint.
  • Centralised and Unified Cloud Portal for ease of management across your estate.
  • Additional tools to assist the operation of your business including: advanced reporting, patch management, encryption & data control, alongside others.
  • Easy and quick to deploy, saving you time and money and reducing risk.
  • Cloud-native solutions so you can implement cutting-edge security wherever your business chooses to operate.
  • Unmatched value when compared to any EDR competitor globally.
  • The most mature 100% Cloud antivirus vendor in Europe, winning several Gartner awards and continuing to protect SMEs and Governmental organisations.



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