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Opswat is an IT Security vendor who use their unique and patented technology to secure organisations in Defence, Aerospace and Critical Infrastructure across the world, including professional services firms of all sizes.

Trusted by Top-200 UK law firms, Opswat boasts an excellent portfolio for businesses with significant risk and compliance requirements, such as data loss prevention, as well as enabling your organisation to comply with global security standards and certifications.

Opswat MetaDefender Kiosk
Securely process portable media to maintain the integrity of your IT systems


Why work with Hayachi and Opswat

At Hayachi Services, we believe that Law is Critical Infrastructure, as are professional services firms: the data you maintain must be protected.

Our vision for secure transactions is mirrored by Opswat, who’s “Trust No File, Trust No Device” approach to cyber security has made it a global leader in tackling malicious actors who would do harm to your IT Estate.

Opswat enables you to maintain a vendor-neutral security posture that ‘plugs-in’ to your existing IT systems, facilitating for best-of-breed security solutions across 32 world-leading vendors. Better yet, you can pick and choose which vendors you wish to draw from in single flexible platform.

Zero-Trust must be extended to your suppliers in order to protect against supply-chain attacks. Opswat is trusted by many Governments and 98% of U.S. Nuclear Power stations, all of which have significant compliance requirements, demonstrating that Opswat’s approach works and will continue to do so.

Take IT seriously with Hayachi Services and our trusted partners. Together we can deliver a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions which cover all attack-vectors, and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your business is secure using a holistic and thorough approach. 

Unmatched IT Security

Opswat are the trusted IT Security partner for critical infrastructure and government.




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