Opswat Securing Critical Information Systems

98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities trust OPSWAT for cybersecurity and compliance.

Opswat is a cybersecurity vendor who use their unique and patented technology to secure organisations in Defence, Aerospace and Critical Infrastructure across the world, including professional services firms of all sizes.

Trusted by top-200 UK law firms, Opswat boasts an excellent portfolio for firms with significant risk and compliance requirements, such as data loss prevention as well as enabling your organisation to comply with global security standards and certifications.

Power Your Compliance Requirements with Opswat

We at Hayachi Services believe Law is Critical Infrastructure and are always keen to make sure our clients are more secure and therein more able to innovate.

Trust no file. Trust no device.

Use Content Disarm and Reconstruction to build a zero-trust information system

MetaDefender allows your firm to make the most of up to 32 industry-leading engines, combining Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response, Machine Learning, and more. With a truly global ecosystem Opswat ensures that a zero-day attack in the Pacific will be protected against in Europe and vice versa.

MetaDefender Cloud does everything that the on-premise version of MetaDefender can with a fast, efficient and cloud-operated portal for your easy use. Perfect for globally distributed Security Operations.

MetaAccess is uniquely placed due to its diverse portfolio and vendor-neutrality to allow your firm to ensure only compliant devices can connect to your information systems. Control when and where an endpoint can access your infrastructure.

When it comes to your firm’s security, control over what connects to the network is of paramount importance. SafeConnect NAC (Network Access Control) uses a best-of-breed technology portfolio including Forcepoint to ensure that only your firm decides what can connect to your network.

If your organisation receives a good amount of visitors there is an ideal: no unapproved removable media on-site. MetaDefender Kiosk brings this to life by seamlessly using multi-scanning and then migrating data from removable media to MetaDefender Vault.

MetaDefender Vault is of central importance to any firm that has a requirement for secure file-sharing. MetaDefender Vault allows for a watchful eye to identify and protect against attackers and routinely schedules scans after receipt of files to further protect against zero-day attacks.

Find out more about how Opswat can introduce multi-layered security solutions to your organisation without introducing unnecessary complexity.

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