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Open, Authentic, Helpful, Brave. What is means to be a Red Hat Business Partner.

We are incredibly proud to be a Red Hat Business Partner, for us it means buying into and supporting our customers to adopt a proven and inclusive way of working – from culture to technology. You can read about Red Hat’s brand standards and otherwise read our own take on them below.

Open for us means being honest, transparent and unapologetic about what we stand for. We are who we are, we do what we do – and we love it. This means being open with you as well, from pricing to whether we are actually even the provider you need to achieve your goals.

Authentic for us aligns exactly with what Red Hat believe in: “esse quam videri: to be, rather than to seem.”

Helpful for us is not only about providing just a service, it’s going above and beyond and what our customers love us for. It also means being there for you in a crisis, which is especially important for cybersecurity.

Time and time again we see providers not move a muscle when things stop working because a Quote hasn’t been approved: that is NOT us. Frankly we’re here with you, and if all we get in return is goodwill that is worth its weight in gold so we’re happy!

Brave for us aligns with Red Hat’s principals of extending open source legal freedoms, as well as for standing up for what we believe in. We have to be brave for you, for us, and for our charitable partners.

If our values are undermined, our staff undermined, our customers undermined – we will be brave and say that it’s unacceptable regardless of the impact that has on our business.

Altogether this means that we are an honest, no-nonsense IT Consultancy that is on your side through thick and thin – we will never recommend a technology that doesn’t fit your needs, and we will proudly refer you to others if we aren’t a good fit.

We believe and campaign for Equality in all its forms (we are a member of The Equality Trust), including in accessing software. Finally, doing is more than saying so if we ever stray from our values or Red Hat values hold us to account!

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