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New Year? New Infrastructure – 2021

Adieu 2020!

The year 2021 is only a few weeks away now and many organisations large and small are still looking to consider further digital transformation plans for next year.

Old technology will still affect your performance as a business with or without Covid-19

How can you consistently and reliably transform across a distributed workforce though? Planning. Not a sexy answer, but incredibly effective.

If you want to, for example, take advantage of Dell’s Financial Services offering to allow you to spread the cost of your Dell purchases, you could readily deploy more than 3000 laptops across the UK within about three months with proper planning.

Digital Transformation for the Cloud

What about the Cloud we hear you say? Cloud computing isn’t new, and there is every likelihood that your firm already uses a Public and Private Cloud. ‘Public’ as in an expert third-party, ‘Private’ as in-house.

The key question for 2021 is: you likely have a Cloud already, what now? How do you manage, re-deploy, configure and also migrate the Cloud[s] of your supplier[s]?

One fundamental preparatory step for any cloud transformation (as above) is a VPN. With one you can run fire-and-forget systems to consistently deploy applications, security fixes and updates to remote sites (be they a kitchen, sofa, or library).

Red Hat Cloudforms – the answer to a distributed cloud

When it comes to Cloud Computing, the last thing you want is vendor lock-in. Isn’t that why you moved away from an on-premise datacentre in the first place? To be agile; to be cool again?

The first thing you should do prior to any Cloud Digital Transformation in 2021 is acquire an unparalleled Vendor-Management toolbox. Red Hat is the largest Open Source technology provider in the world, and holds 80% of the Linux market share because frankly – they deserve to, they’ve earned it through constant recognition of what clients want.

Manage your cloud, and then start to look at the most cost-effective vendors with the greatest value-proposition for your firm.

Renovating your Castle

Your Datacentre is a like a Castle: it has multiple networked entry points and exits, secret passageways; high politics when managing your Datacentre’s affairs.

Datacentres experience aging and only get older unless we invest in them.

Renovating a Castle is no mean feat and your firm likely would enjoy working with a vendor that is flexible, timely and has done it before.

Welcome to the Dell ecosystem

Dell Technologies are the main supplier to Governments across the world including the UK Government, because expertise matters. If you lack the internal resources to renovate your Datacentre simply ask: we and Dell will provide the expertise for you.

Dell Financial Services also allows your firm to spread the cost of best-of-breed technologies over many years, allowing you to promptly extract the value of the latest tech in your Datacentre from the outset.

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A roadmap provides your business an expression of intent of where you plan to be and how to get there, allowing stakeholders within your organisation understand the end-goal and how it can be achieved.

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