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Network Storage with FreeNAS

One of the major concerns of any firm is simply put: where do we put stuff?

Many of our clients have a complex suite of tools which allow them to administer working documents, submit complete documents or drafts into a Document Management System (DMS) or otherwise have a large set of folders on a network drive instead.

So, for those of you who have the latter, welcome to the world of FreeNAS!

IXSystems have been providing this solution to firms large and small for many years, including the hardware necessary to set up a File-System cleanly, quickly and efficiently.

They use the much loved FreeBSD Operating System as a base (see our blog on Linux) used by companies such as Netflix and others for their storage (and even a certain games-system by Sony).

With FreeNAS you don’t have to spend large sums of money for a proprietary system that may not even deliver, it is an enterprise-ready solution with the backing of global expertise. The lovely thing about Enterprise Open Source is that you can test it to destruction before buying, and of course there are organisations that are expert at deploying and supporting those systems (think of Citrix).

Curious? Drop us a line or email us and we can run a Discovery Session to explore your requirements in greater detail.

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