Linux and Unix-like [collectively, *nix] Operating Systems are incredibly common. Almost every mobile phone, gaming system, internet streaming service, telephony service, and enterprise-level application uses the Linux-subsystem, or depends on *nix for business-critical work.

*nix is necessarily a very broad term though, so we’ve collected some of our favourite distributions for you look at to help give a flavour of what is on offer.

There are a multitude of Operating Systems, namely because *nix is based on open, collaborative and international work.

For example, FreeBSD and Red Hat are used by many businesses and government institutions globally, partly because they are licensed in a way which allows them to be open and customise-able.

They both have a range of certifications to demonstrate knowledge of best-practice, and Red Hat in particular has an award winning support arm as well as unparalleled ten year life-cycle to their solutions.

Enjoy! And if you have questions or queries, send us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

Published by Amritpal Gill

Founder and Director of Hayachi Services LTD, Amritpal initially studied History and Archaeology before moving into Legal IT for what was meant to be a gap-year. Having worked initially at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, Amritpal found that he couldn't let go of Legal IT and has been here ever since!

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