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Legal Contract Automation

What is Contract Automation?

Automation is often thought of as a topic far too complex for businesses to be able to benefit from without significant initial investments. This is simply not the case.

As a Red Hat Business Partner we have assisted organisations of all sizes implement cutting-edge automation solutions on IT infrastructure, namely because legal services providers need to have a strong foundation before adopting a new technology.

Automation often starts small and this applies equally to legal contract automation. It starts small because an algorithm or script will replicate the set of instructions that a legal professional would train it to: the focus must be on building efficient processes which can both proceed quickly, and ‘stop, drop and roll’ should something go awry.

It may seem crass to say this but automation is about easy-wins, for example with Red Hat Ansible Automation the infrastructure automation is often about what consumes the most time – building datacentres – and moves it from being month-long affairs to consistent delivery in a matter of hours.

Likewise, document automation is made accessible through Clio’s cloud-native Practice Management System; their platform is available via the web and applications/apps in a secure environment and plugs into other systems including industry-leading Document Management Solutions.

Why Automate Contracts?

The most valuable commodity for a busy professional is time. At Hayachi Services we pride ourselves on helping law firms of all sizes make the most of their valuable time – from magic circle and top-ten firms to sole-practice lawyers. Automation is functional.

Time is valuable, which is why spending a reasonable amount of time to build efficiency into an operation is central to a successful practice. One of the reasons Clio are our favourite lawtech provider is because they offer a range of document and contract automation technologies as part-and-parcel of their service, including a complimentary e-Signature solution.

As a demonstration of how easy it is to automate client-intake and business activity, as well as to extend this to your clients watch the video below.

We firmly believe that automation allows legal practices to become more ethical in how they practice – reducing long working hours, stress and improving service delivery.

Automation also lends itself heavily to fixed-fee work because it allows you to provide a timely and efficient service to the benefit of your customers.

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