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Legal Aid Software

Legal Aid Software: Practice Management

Practice Management Systems are so much more than software, they have to plug-in to your existing systems and give you room to grow your business.

When it comes to law firms who accept Legal Aid anything they use needs to be cost-effective, stable and worthwhile in the long-run. Clio for Legal Aid is Legal Aid software which enables your firm to flourish, and accept instructions in an efficient and meaningful way.

One challenge which Legal Aid software has historically failed to meet is communication, when serving customers who need reasonable adjustments or are particularly vulnerable it can be difficult to communicate effectively. It is also often necessary to liaise with consultant lawyers or expert witnesses and this can also prove unwieldly using traditional email systems.

Clio are experts at designing inclusive software which is accessible to your clients, staff and partners, ensuring you can securely communicate using a range of accessible options, via Clio Connect.

Add to this Clio’s open API and your firm can continue to integrate your PMS with legacy systems as well as new platforms so that your PMS seamlessly works across the business.

Practice Management Software operated in a secure cloud can be a complex, multi-year deployment.

Or it can be using Clio and Clio Grow: enable your firm to flourish as it deserves to.

Legal Aid Software: Securing your Future

Security is important for any business, investing in the future enables businesses to have a future. This is why when it comes to information security a consistently good solution is a must. For example, when it comes to Legal Aid software what better antivirus to use than Panda Security who have a 100% track record of preventing file-based malware, since 2015?

They are our favoured partner because Panda Security are trusted by SMEs and Governments the world over. Panda provide peace-of-mind in an otherwise complex and stressful environment where cyber-criminals target both your law firm and your customers.

A 100% track-record of protection and intuitive UI enables your staff and suppliers to quickly identify and resolve IT Security incidents. Panda Security also allows your Legal Aid firm to automate patching, which in turn saves large sums of money that IT service providers would otherwise charge you lofty sums for (aside from Hayachi, of course).

Just as with Practice Management Systems, IT Security software needs to plug-in to your existing IT Estate with a firm gaze at future growth. IT needs to be cost-effective and have sufficiently good returns on investment. Panda has an API which when coupled with their Data Control module enables you to have an immensely powerful GDPR tool to hand.

For Legal Aid firms which may constitute a sole-practice or self-employed lawyer this is even more critical, because any time spent on your IT Security software prevents you from conducting crucial billable legal work and business administration. Making full-use of modern payment solutions not only enables your firm to bill customers securely, it helps you get paid faster.

Next Generation Antivirus and EDR

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