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IT Security for Barristers

IT Security for Barristers

As self-employed specialists who deal with sensitive data, a Barrister will often face complex IT Security requirements with very tight budgets.

This is especially the case if your clients require Legal Aid, in fact at that point it would be fair to say your budget is near-nil.

Hayachi Services are experts at working with legal and professional services firms, so even if your legal practice is an army of one, you are in safe hands with us.

In any case you will still be required to demonstrate that you have taken steps to secure your IT Estate to both regulators and prospective customers, even if all you use is a laptop and smartphone.

  1. Use an EDR for all of your devices, it is more expensive than an antivirus but also much more effective
  2. Focus on Email Security, most of your transfer of documents will be through email
  3. If you can afford to, use an anti-malware file-transfer solution – not all instructions are done with good intentions
  4. Use a PMS that ensures your activity complies with regulatory bodies, Hayachi Services are a Clio partner and can help you with this as well.
  5. Adopt secure payment solutions with Open Banking for prompt payment.

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