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IT Security and Building Resilient Infrastructure

How does resilience impact IT Security?

Without resilience in an IT Estate your business can quickly find itself ceasing particular activities because of events outside of your control. For example, if you only purchase a single model of a laptop-computer for your whole organisation there is a good chance that certain drivers will cause instability in it over its lifespan.

Most organisations keep laptops for three years, and driver updates often occur every few months – but often there are critical security updates which arise and have to be deployed with utmost urgency. This applies equally to servers and other infrastructure.

By building diversity in an estate, for example by buying both Dell Latitude and XPS laptops, your organisation reduces the overall impact of issues affecting any particular model. We are proudly vendor neutral and highly recommend you try to be as well.

Testing patches and driver updates is also a way to sustain a resilient suite of end user devices, though it is often very time-consuming and even our largest clients have difficulty being able to maintain oversight over all of the drivers they need. This is despite patching protecting against 99% of cyberthreats.

This is particularly pronounced with Docking Stations across vendors. Purchasing equipment or a solution without consideration for the challenges you will experience over its life-span is short-sighted. Likewise a vendor who does not take these considerations into account will inevitably cause you problems.

Machines are not a panacea and do fail. It is an unfortunate fact but absolutely must be taken to heart; unforeseen circumstances can often result in lost time among your staff as well as emergency purchases of equipment.

Working to minimize unexpected expenditure that can otherwise greatly impact your budget and the cashflow is a central part of the buying process.

Resilient IT Security by design

In the same fashion as above, cybersecurity solutions can on occasion fail to resolve issues – if they always worked the world would never have malware (malicious software). This means that no single antivirus or EDR can totally protect your organisation.

This is why we recommend using Panda Security’s unmatched EDR alongside Opswat’s multi-vendor Endpoint Protection (antivirus) as a pair for comprehensive security.

Building a portfolio of complimentary solutions is a must for securing your most critical systems such as servers and protecting your network

A lack of resilience costs money

Hayachi Services has seen first-hand how a lack of diversity and resilience in IT Estates costs money. From international law firms lacking cables, parts or even functioning servers, to smaller charities that have to spend tens of thousands of pounds because they initially bought only one model of laptop: putting eggs your in one basket costs real money.

We are proudly vendor neutral and as part of our discovery session we start with identifying requirements before we look at solutions – with technology you should never put the cart before the horse. 

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