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IT for small business: finding value

Cost effective IT for small business

Small enterprise often have tight budgets but need to be able scale quickly when it comes to capabilities – this includes sustaining cashflow, staffing levels, and operational efficacy for IT systems.

As a proud member of the FSB we have a deep awareness that small business don’t want a sales-pitch, they want a service delivered to their standard. You also abhor an unexpected cost – a supplier who acts like it isn’t ‘their problem’ isn’t up to scratch.

Hayachi Services try our utmost to offer the most holistic and best-value solutions, which we believe are most-suited to small business. No unexpected costs: things are clear as day, and that lets you actually budget for IT spend effectively and consistently.

Where does vendor-neutrality come into this?

We have our favourites and hopefully they will become yours as well, but that isn’t to say that we tell our customers to go our way or to hell and back trying to find a capability.

If, for example, you want to deploy Microsoft systems we have a close relationship with two Microsoft-Partners that we often consult with, and can refer you to them for a gold-standard service. It isn’t fun searching for suppliers, hence our association with award-winning suppliers to cut through that uncertainty on your behalf.

Our vendor-neutral approach also means that you use the kit that you want, and we make it work as far as it can. This means having longer-lasting systems, fewer broken ones and an honest conversation about what you need to succeed.

An example our we often use is Sage, the accounting software: you WILL have to upgrade Sage every year for compliance purposes, and so we factor this into our seconded-Desktop Support service so that you don’t have to scrounge up money for this yearly expense. We help you avoid unexpected costs, because it’s the right thing to do.

This isn’t something a Managed Service Provider would do, and it is how we deliver value and save your business money when working with us. The same would apply for whatever accounting platform or any other system you use.

If you look at our Values you will see that we want running your business to be Fun, that we are Here To Help, Always and that we firmly believe our Unique approach delivers the cost-effective IT Services that your business needs to succeed.

This is simply because our customers, large and small, need a consistent service delivered to a high standard. This includes being cost-effective and to the point.

As a member of the Federation of Small Business we are a proud Dell Technologies partner, they work closely with small business to engender success. Find out more here!

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Whether you’re adopting cloud computing and cloud security, automating your IT infrastructure, or working to build a more inclusive and productive culture – our roadmap resource is here for you.

A roadmap provides your business an expression of intent of where you plan to be and how to get there, allowing stakeholders within your organisation understand the end-goal and how it can be achieved.

Hayachi Services are here to help you ensure your Digital Transformation goals are achieved on-time and on-budget.

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