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Implementing DevOps in Your Daily Operation

Implementing DevOps in Your Daily Operation

When it comes to DevOps very few organisations can compete with our partner Red Hat. They even offer extensive and freely available knowledge on the subject – that is the joy of working with The Open Organisation.

What is DevOps? To quote Red Hat: DevOps uses source code management systems and automated testing software to simplify the development process, while automated build and deployment tools streamline the work of the operations team.

DevOps is effectively a Design Thinking approach, one which has a Continuous Improvement cycle to review, evaluate and implement changes which improve operations. In this case it is of software but this approach to building workflows is often seen in Marketing and Legal Operations as well.

It is often the case that a move to DevOps creates more empowered team members who innovate better and in ways which closely align with the operational requirements of the business. This is the case for even ‘army of one’ developers such as in the games industry.

When looking at the work of legal and professional services firms we can demonstrates how software improves productivity, such as using the Clio practice management system. We are a Clio Affiliate Partner, but other lawtech providers are available and implement DevOps in exactly the same way as set out above. This improvement in software through using DevOps translate in to business and process improvements throughout the supply chain.

The noslegal project is another example of simplifying and unifying legal taxonomies and business processes in order to improve the legal function.


Be More Pirate

At Hayachi Services we are as fond of goal to Be More Pirate as we are of DevOps. This is because Culture is the key element – as the linked article supposes, it is Culture which makes a workforce agile.

In Being More Pirate and looking for on the ground insights an organisation can readily identify what is necessary, and what isn’t. DevOps has the same ultimate goal: simpler, more readable and more stable operations.

You may note that we don’t focus on DevOps as a purely software-specific methodology and this is because software is merely a tool. It is the human that makes software, and it is the human that uses software. DevOps is ultimately about making more accessible tools and building them faster – be it entertainment, legal services or whatever else someone deems as necessary in their lives.

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