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How virtualisation helps your environmental goals

Virtualisation is the efficient way to do things

Working without

Working with

Working without virtualisation means you are running systems on bare-metal, that is – physical systems.

Running single servers on bare-metal makes them slightly harder to administer, and often does not make full-use of the server in question.

Not running virtual systems on end user devices in turn means not making the most of the machine.

Many systems have too much installed, and this is visible after a year or so of their lifespan – laptops fans leave marks on the chassis from having heated up and burnt that plastic chassis.

If software or hardware systems fail the user and business lose out – lost productivity and the costs to replace equipment. Global chip shortages also prevent timely replacement.

Without virtual systems you cannot seamlessly move between devices and continue to work exactly where you left off. Not using virtualisation well fundamentally prevents flexible working.

Working using virtualisation means you minimize your footprint as a business – saving on electricity and hardware costs.

It is easier to contact, automatically administer and isolate virtual systems because they are always available to your internal network. 

Virtualising workloads allows you to offload unnecessary work off the machine, optimising the use of your hardware.

Virtual systems are built to scale and so are very ‘flat’ – they run exactly the software you need at the speed and consistency you specify. Perfect for running business-critical systems.

Virtual systems are replaceable – in the event they fail you could seamlessly reload your backups. If hardware fails, is lost or stolen it is less damaging because it isn’t storing sensitive data. 

Finally, the impact of downtime is limited through redundancy instead of buying multiple laptops for the same purpose. Your team can work from anywhere and do so securely with the correct investments.


But how does virtualisation help the environement?

Through using fewer physical devices and concentrating and streamlining virtual workloads your organisation can do more with less.

Helping the environment is captured well through the Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle mantra.

Reduce your footprint by buying less hardware, and needing less power in end-user-devices because it is offloaded elsewhere. Altogether it allows you to make equipment last longer, do more and do it better. A perfect start to embracing a circular economy.

Re-Use devices and systems in order to save money, and the environment. Many firms find they have to purchase the latest equipment for two reasons: warranties expiring; equipment not being powerful enough to run their new workloads. This is because the systems themselves are running far too much, burning the hardware out and reducing its lifespan. Why would you run a server on every single device in your business? And yet this is sadly what some of our magic-circle clients effectively do. Make kit last longer!

Re-Cycle devices that are end of life – by having lightweight devices that are configured to talk to servers you can ensure you 1. Use your systems in the most efficient manner possible, 2. Ensure your systems are long-lived and stable, not routinely needing replacement, and 3. can be disposed of in a good condition for security and compliance reasons rather than wear and tear.

Our Roadmap document also accounts for ESG and so we won’t explore that here, do please see our freely available roadmap here instead for ESG concerns.

At Hayachi Services we are incredibly fond of Enterprise Open Source solutions, from Red Hat Virtualization to Citrix XenServer, or VMWare which runs on Linux. In other words, we are vendor neutral and deliver the top-three virtualisation platforms to leading international law firms as well as small and medium sized enterprises across the UK. If you want to talk more about how to use virtualisation well, do say hello.

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