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How Software can help you with Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Software fundamentally exists to help with user productivity – that is to say, to make more of less. If ‘less’ in this context is time, money, or waste then we can read this with an ESG lens.

Making the most of our resources is fundamental to sustaining the environment and to sustaining our communities – but accounting systems are not sufficient for this. Special software is often required in order to support calculating emissions in the supply chain, or to safely and securely manage the interests of stakeholders that our businesses serve.

Regardless of if you have an office or not your organisation requires an environmental policy because all of your business transactions happen within the context of: a community, in a nation, on planet Earth.

There is no escaping that we are all rooted somewhere, holding responsibilities to our locale.

Quite the task; ESG is complex and difficult to navigate, the diverse nature of our supply chains also mean that it is impossible to find any single expert (be they an individual or organisation) that can satisfy all of your ESG needs.

By way of this, there is no one software solution – no silver bullet.

Everybody will always tell you that their technology, their software, is the best solution but this is because they likely want to close a sale and pointing to you to a range of competitors that do broadly the same thing isn’t a reasonable thing to do.

It is incredibly important to interrogate the software, to demo it in a practical way ideally – for however long needed – before you are certain it fits.

Open Source Software readily facilitates this.

What software would we recommend?

As a keen supporter of Open Source solutions, be they methodologies or tools, we are looking at Climate-OS with great excitement. Some of the largest financial institutions in the world, and our clients, are supporting the project and this is a flagship project from The Linux Foundation as well.

Remember that the The Linux Foundation represent Linux, the most used Operating System in the world – from Android phones to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers that keep the world running (we do mean that literally, it is used by 90% of Fortune500 companies and almost every Government).

Climate-OS is working towards aligning classifications and calculations for combating Climate Change, but that isn’t the end of it. We cannot combat Climate Change without instigating ‘System Change’ as well – economic and social models that predicate rising emissions need to be challenged, dismantled and reconstructed to be sustainable.

The best thing about Climate-OS is that it will be informed by the science on the ground, because it is Open Source the solution will facilitate organisations with the very smallest budgets dong their bit, alongside the very largest such as S&P Global.

That is nice, but does it really matter?

Yes it does, our customers have Net-Zero targets and so do Governments – on a purely financial basis you will find that not looking at ESG will lose you business, and will lose you prospects.

More importantly however is the fact that our built environment reflects what we value – if equality, prosperity and protecting the planet are important to us, it follows that we put the time in to do so.

Warm words really do not matter when it comes to Climate Change, every supplier of yours will greenwash to some extent (us too – nobody is above it) so you need hard data and effective tools to measure and categorize those who take you seriously enough to spend the time and effort to help you meet your ESG goals.

Being able to draw on global data being used by the world’s largest private financial institutions, developed by the foremost technology platform in the world, and available to you and your customers at no upfront cost?

That sounds to us like part of a solution to the very complex problem of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. We hope you enjoy using Climate-OS.

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