IT Ninjas: Making IT Work

Service Desk

In need of Service Desk Analysts? We have a proven track-record of delivering excellent remote support to our legal clients. Our Service Desk brings the best-practice from giants of the industry with our own little twist, it is a complimentary service to our Deskside services.


In need of Deskside Analysts? Sometimes you just need someone there in person to fix complicated IT problems. On-hand specialist support, we deploy only the most charming and technically able technicians so that you don’t have to trudge to where IT are. All Support Analysts we field are CompTIA A+ and N+ certified, and some are particularly keen holding LPI certifications. No doubt, they know their stuff.

IT Projects

IT Projects are a crucial and yet ill-understood element of the operation of many law firms and their IT Departments, be they large or small. You don’t need to splash cash to deliver on a project, with the right expertise and appropriate planning most projects can be delivered in good time and to great effect. If you feel you need a trusted second-opinion, or the expertise to deliver your project in good time – and therein on budget – we’re here to help with that.

Are you an Armed Forces Covenant signatory, or still serving or ex-forces? Our commitment to the Covenant means you will receive a no-nonsense 15% discount on all of our services. Be it a server refresh or a service on your laptop, we proudly support the Covenant and all to whom it concerns.