Password Security

We all have passwords. Secret, hidden things that only we and everyone we tell the password to are meant to know.

Sadly, it is often the case that gleaning a little knowledge of the life of a particular person allows us to guess passwords with a degree of ease (and software).

We at Hayachi Services always say that passwords are muscle memory more than anything else: patterns arise and so even if your current password is secure, it is possible that it is not dissimilar to one of your previous passwords.

A solution: Passbolt is a Cloud-Ready, Open Source password manager. We highly recommend it, and use it ourselves.

And to keep an eye on data breaches out in the wild, the famed Cyber Security expert Troy Hunt has a website especially for you. HaveIBeenPwned is an excellent tool to ensure that users of your domain are aware of other firms’ data-breaches which would necessarily also jeopardize your firms’ footing.

Want to go a step further? Hayachi Services is a partner with Panda Security, drop us a note or a call us and we will be happy to discuss making your firm more cyber-secure.

Published by Amritpal Gill

Founder and Director of Hayachi Services LTD, Amritpal initially studied History and Archaeology before moving into Legal IT for what was meant to be a gap-year. Having worked initially at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, Amritpal found that he couldn't let go of Legal IT and has been here ever since!