Panda Security – why should you choose it?

Seeing how most of the people use internet nowadays for a great variety of things from just surfing, watching online content, shopping and even managing their bank accounts, everyone knows what an Antivirus is, it keeps you digitally secure.

And security is very important.

Our partner Panda Security has its origins in Spain, on 1990 and being 30 years in the cybersecurity market you can guess they’re doing things right.

In 2007 Panda Security was the first security company to start using Cloud technology with their Antivirus solutions, soon after they implemented it on their entire portfolio.
In 2015, Panda Security launched a world-first solution called Adaptive Defense 360 and soon after were declared a Gartner Visionary in 2018.

The unique thing about Panda Security’s Adaptive Defense 360 is the 100% Attestation service they undertake using digital signatures. In laymen’s it means, everything it lets you run is certified-secure and it won’t let anything other than a 100% certified application run on your system.

We consider Panda Security’s AD360 platform to still be visionary today.

With how things have shaped this year cyber attacks based around Covid have become the norm; from fake cures to complex and direct phishing, DDoS and network breaches, Panda Security have helped organisation of all sizes use countermeasures to stay secure.

Panda Security’s Endpoint Detection and Response solution is unique, it detects advanced threats and at the protects your estate from advanced attacks not normally recognisable such as weaponised applications.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 will prevent anything to execute if it doesn’t have a digital signature verified on their database, this measure has prevented malware hidden in files since it’s launch it’s efficiency proves it’s the best choice for SME all over the world.

And if your outfit doesn’t quite need the power of the world’s only 100% attested EDR, we also love Panda Security’s Endpoint Protection Plus solution as it is just as no-nonsense.

Published by Luis Lopez

Our resident Social Media & Marketing Manager at Hayachi Services LTD, Luis 'Loz' is a plain-spoken and loves technology. He works closely with the FreeBSD and Linux Mint projects on documentation and translation - much aided by his proficiency in Spanish and English. After completing his studies in Computer Science Loz has built a broad knowledge of a range of industries including Social Media and *nix systems. Jack of All Trades and Master of Marketing. His particular attention to detail has left him adored by us for our endless campaigns to bring Enterprise Open Source to the world as well as the above projects, and more. Like many in IT his keen interest in Digital Video Games and a background as a volunteer QA Tester leaves him to focus heavily on User Experience and Quality. Of course, this means our clients adore him too for simple but powerful messages on why Enterprise Open Source and good Cyber-Security practices are so essential to modern business.