Our ‘New Normal’: Securing Your Remote Workforce

The year 2019-20 has brought a variety of changes to how we work.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic striking, our world has materially changed: our working practices have accelerated towards businesses being operationally ready to support remote working, and an immediate increase in cyberattacks has followed.

Productivity has been increasing in the UK and abroad as a result of smarter working practices and many businesses will stick to this new way of operating, for example businesses such as Slater and Gordon are moving to a digital-first operating model as of Spring 2020.

See their Youtube video below.

However this growth in the operation of businesses being digital-first comes with new risks. Exciting for some, such as international cybercriminals.

From phishing and scam attempts to more advanced and targeted DDoS attacks or supply-chain attacks, our new way of working has sustained a new threat landscape.

At Hayachi Services we work closely with our partners Opswat and Panda Security, to help secure the IT estates of our clients and protect against this new wave of cyberthreats.

Business has had to accelerate digital transformation objectives and now heavily depend on cloud infrastructure in order to operate. This speedy move to the cloud creates risk as organisations of all sizes have not had sufficient time to undertake due diligence and in-depth risk assessments of our New Normal of remote working, hybrid-cloud and disparate workforces.

It typically takes 6 months for organisations to detect a databreach and by that point damage has already been done, followed by loss of reputation on reporting this. Post-Covid this figure will continue and likely grow with the continued pace of more rapid digital transformation without implementation of best-practice to improve their cybersecurity posture. All in order to simply continue our operation as businesses.

Official figures from the NCSC

Of course all digital infrastructure exists in a physical space, and so we at Hayachi Services firmly believe the most appropriate way to secure our clients is to build holistic multi-vendor solutions which operate from Zero-Trust and build resilience for our clients.

Deploy for the future of your remote workforce

Our partner Panda Security use a world-leading cloud-based solution called Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360) to mitigate against complex malware attacks. Put simply: it stops malware, ransomware and viruses at the door. By preventing processes not digitally-signed and approved by Panda Security from executing – nothing can execute that isn’t trusted.

Their unique 100% attestation service alongside complimentary 24/7 technical helpdesk support ensures users of AD360 benefit from a complete Managed Security Services solution. And more: advanced Threat Intelligence which utilises Machine Learning to avoid ‘noise’; a range of modules such as Data Control and Patch Management facilitates organisations of all sizes to deploy a cloud-ready and holistic cybersecurity posture.

Equally, our partner Opswat take the view that we should by default ‘Trust No File. Trust No Device’. Practically this means Opswat uses deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (deep-CDR)as well as multi-engine scanning to give anything using your information systems a thorough virtual X-Ray. It is difficult to detail the power of Opswat‘s portfolio in brief, but suffice to say 96% of US Nuclear Facilities depend on Opswat to secure their systems.

All of our partners work with Defence and Critical Infrastructure; as we at Hayachi Services believe Law is Critical Infrastructure we have curated our partnerships to bring the best in the cybersecurity industry to the legal profession.

Want to find out more on how to protect your business in this New Normal? Chat with us, we are always happy to talk!

Published by Luis Lopez

Our resident Social Media & Marketing Manager at Hayachi Services LTD, Luis 'Loz' is a plain-spoken and loves technology. He works closely with the FreeBSD and Linux Mint projects on documentation and translation - much aided by his proficiency in Spanish and English. After completing his studies in Computer Science Loz has built a broad knowledge of a range of industries including Social Media and *nix systems. Jack of All Trades and Master of Marketing. His particular attention to detail has left him adored by us for our endless campaigns to bring Enterprise Open Source to the world as well as the above projects, and more. Like many in IT his keen interest in Digital Video Games and a background as a volunteer QA Tester leaves him to focus heavily on User Experience and Quality. Of course, this means our clients adore him too for simple but powerful messages on why Enterprise Open Source and good Cyber-Security practices are so essential to modern business.