Mobility, Laptops and the Cloud

Sleek professional laptops that are ergonomic by design and loaded with cloud-native operating systems to enable your business to scale

Small and powerful laptops suited to shared office spaces or when visiting clients are already uniquely suited to professional services firms, couple this with the latest Windows 10 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems and suddenly you have at your fingertips a cloud-native laptop that can unlock the power of a datacentre.

Dell business laptops are ergonomic by design, including touch-screen and soft-touch keyboards as well as support for a range of dictation tools by they dictaphones or dictation software.

What is Cloud Native?

A cloud is simply a place where data is kept, away from the machine in front of you and is illustrated very well by this graphic by Dell. The clue is in range of solutions available.

Using technologies such as Red Hat Openstack you can create a ‘private cloud’ which is in effect hosting your own data, or you use Dell’s cloud solutions portfolio to scale-out to a ‘public cloud’ which means you are leaving the hosting to an expert third party.

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