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GameDev – Making Stable Mobile Games

Where stability makes success

Anything a GameDev makes is fundamentally built using software, and orchestrating the suite of software necessary to make a game is no small task.

As a GameDev you may make tabletop games, or multiplatform software – your mobile game may implement Augmented Reality so it has roots both within and without the Metaverse (the ‘virtual world’).

This still requires stable systems that work consistently and quickly for users.

Staying stable with Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift which can make this an easier journey for your studio. It is used by financial services sector, legal and professional services firms and even the UK Ministry of Defence – it makes making reliable software much easier.

Red Hat OpenShift is more a toolbox than a tool, which is why we recommend it – a flexible platform to develop on that ensures your game remains agile and lightweight.

As per the video Red Hat OpenShift utilises the power of Kubernetes in order to help devs build software that scales. It readily plugs into what the tools you already use.

By building software that scales, iterates and runs on ‘services’ your studio is empowered to consistently deploy stable and workable instances of your software.

Testing a game on unstable networks

When you make a mobile game the chances are your service-users, that is to say the people playing the game, may move around.

This is nothing to blink at – even where you use Red Hat OpenShift to build stable software this is likely going to be done in a stable production environment. Not off a mobile hotspot.

Can you even even emulate that – aside from taking a taxi around town to see how the game runs out in the wild?

Well it happens that you can, Hayachi Services have a partnership with a technology provider who help to emulate networks of all shapes and sizes, as well as degrading them to see how your applications operate as close as you can get to a taxi around town.

Being able to test your game on unstable networks without having to take a road-trip saves your studio money and improves its reputation – we all know how important the first few weeks are for a game’s release (and its reviews) so mitigate this risk early-on.

It all comes down to risk and testing

Depending on the size of your studio you may be able to afford consultants or external testing, or maybe not.

It can be expensive having third parties test your games, and while public beta-testing is an option there is a significant rise of leaks which hamper a game’s release.

Further to this there are often considerations based on older hardware – your team may have a variety of hardware testing labs but this still doesn’t compare to the game-systems across the globe.

Being able to measure and mitigate risk is a core part of business, and a GameDev is in the business of entertaining: most casual-gamers would agree unusable mobile-games are not entertaining.

Being holistic is important, having a roadmap with consideration for blockages can help your project avoid unnecessary risks. When you seek funding investors greatly appreciate a grounded and business-oriented approach to current and future projects.

Testing can often take a third of a project’s funding prior to release so don’t underestimate the cost-savings early consideration can offer. Cost-savings that can in turn result in a more polished and successful game.

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