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E-mail solutions

Almost every business use e-mails, it is definitely the case that no business in the modern day can exist without e-mail infrastructure existing somewhere in the supply change.

The question follows then: how does it work?

Much easier to ask than to explain! Electronic-mail (or E-mail) works broadly in the same way that a post office would. There is a sender, a recipient, an exchange which handles the mail, and where appropriate ‘proofing’ to make sure nothing suspicious gets in the post.

We’ll start with the foundation, the exchange itself.

We at Hayachi Services are particularly fond of enterprise-ready open source solutions such as: Sendmail, Dovecot, Apache or Kolab. Our emails are actually hosted by Kolab Now who use Kolab for their setup. Many Microsoft systems depend on Sendmail.

We then need to think about how we send and receive e-mails, most people will either use a webmail interface, or applications such as Evolution or Thunderbird.

From these, you authenticate [that is, ‘log-in’] to your e-mail server from something like Evolution. When you send an e-mail the application asks the Sendmail, Kolab, Dovecot etc. infrastructure to fulfil the request and your recipient will receive their friendly hello.

Setting up an e-mail server is not easy by any means, and is usually best left to the specialists who live, breathe and develop such email systems. We would advise you let a specialist handle the hard bits and give you the security and service required of any professional services firm.

N.B. An overview is never as much fun as digging into a system, for those more technically minded or who are otherwise just curious we would suggest looking at the project hyperlinks as above for more information.


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