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Hayachi Services will have pride of presence at devcom, the B2B event which sits alongside gamescom.

What is devcom we hear you ask?

Nobody quite describes the event better than UKIE who represents the gaming industry in the UK.

Gamescom & devcom, the most important trade and consumer show in Europe, will be a digital only show in 2020. Ukie will continue to support and promote UK companies at this show with a dedicated UK area and additional networking opportunities.

https://ukie.org.uk/event/2020/08/17/gamescom-devcom-2020, accessed 2nd of August 2020

And what will we be doing?

The lovely thing about these events is that a great deal happens, Hayachi Services will of course be: networking, demonstrating our products and solutions, chatting, and attending the various talks during the event.

See you there!

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