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Desktop Support

What is Desktop Support?

Desktop Support is sometimes referred to as Deskside Support, we prefer the latter term and so will use them both interchangeably.

Deskside Support is in-person support, be it for day-to-day or project activities, and is often conducted by experienced analysts who are familiar with the daily operation of your business and IT hardware.

Being on-site often gives many advantages because an analyst can build an intimate knowledge of how a business operates and what it values, from culture to winning work. Desktop Support analysts are often very aware of the context of your business and act accordingly to your sector-specific needs.

Desktop Support is typically charged at a retainer or a day rate, primarily because you are paying for dedicated resources to support you over the course of a day, week or month.

Further to this just because someone is doing Desktop Support this doesn’t preclude them from also providing remote-support to the business. This avoids you falling into the trap of having remote-only support, which is distanced from your needs both figuratively and quite literally.

How Desktop Support adds value

Desktop Support enables your IT Service Provider to be proactive and value-driven. The analysts we send to our customers are typically there to offer business as usual support to customers with due regard for a fleet of IT projects which need delivering. This Digital Transformation is enabled by having expertise on-hand and in person, because a Desktop Support analyst is meant to be a highly flexible and accessible resource for your teams.

The ability to lean on a Deskside Analyst for support, for them to identify improvements and technologies which assist your operation and can proactively improve your business and the lives of your staff is arguably invaluable. Intimate knowledge of your culture also avoids poor experiences with IT.

At Hayachi Services we offer a complimentary Service Desk because we highly value what Desktop Support brings to the table, as do our customers. Without the physical presence of our Principal Consultants many projects that runs into the tens of millions would have become delayed: the cost savings from delivering projects on time is immense.

Because we at Hayachi Services treat a Service Desk as secondary (but always readily available) we can roll many smaller projects into the day-to-day work of a Desktop Support analyst, saving money for our customers by reducing the amount of consultant hours needed.

It is also the case that IT Service Providers who do not try to build a deep understanding of how your business works, they are less efficient and will often charge you for the time they waste due to poor-process. Conversely, having a dedicated point of contact and expert means we have a significant inclination to adopting a process of Continuous Improvement for you (and us).  

Move fast and with direction. From Deskside Support to global IT Refresh programmes Hayachi are with you every step of the way.

Making the most of Desktop Support

One of our key value-adds as an IT Service Provider is to provide dedicated expertise and bed-in a culture of improvement into your IT department. Making the most of Desktop Support is central to this.

Firstly, start by identifying which day is busiest for your organisation in terms of IT – a simple survey out to staff can identify this. This enables your staff to ensure an IT Ninja is there, present and able to help.

Secondly, providing direction on what you as a client value downtime being spent on is useful for you and us. For example, you can co-develop a Roadmap with us to identify the key concerns your business needs to address to grow.

Thirdly, culture. Being people-first is important, and us knowing what kind of people you value is important to us. For example, if your business wants to hire from a more diverse workforce why not tell us so that Hayachi can work in partnership with your business to champion people from disadvantaged backgrounds?

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A roadmap provides your business an expression of intent of where you plan to be and how to get there, allowing stakeholders within your organisation understand the end-goal and how it can be achieved.

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