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Desktop Support drives efficiency

Why using Desktop Support is central to an efficient service

At Hayachi Services we are incredibly fond of Desktop Support (sometimes referred to a to as Deskside Support) because it means we offer a Level 2 and 3 service as our standard line.

This in turn means that our clients can deliver their IT Support services and IT projects in a more streamlined way rather than routinely chopping and changing  engineers.

We are so fond of Desktop Support that we do in fact offer our Service Desk as a completely complimentary service to it, because you deserve to have someone on-site and on-hand when you are in greatest need. This is a proven and cost-effective way to ensure that your business avoid unforeseen costs and can flourish. 

Remote Support is an excellent supplement to Desktop Support but can never replace it, as anyone asked by a Service Desk to work with unfamiliar IT kit could attest to. It is also the case that the particulars of your business are often not documented by a Service Desk either, resulting in an overall poor service.

Below are some of the myriad benefits of using Desktop Support as your first port of call:

  • An onsite presence ensures a prompt response
  • Someone familiar with IT kit can attend to IT issues which saves time
  • Enhances disaster recovery response times as you have a single point of contact familiar with your IT estate, who is physically present
  • Allows proactive user-education to avoid future IT issues
  • A more tailored service ensures you get more value for money
  • Saves you money on IT projects because you already have available resource
  • On-the-ground knowledge to respond to urgent or complex issues/projects
  • Facilitates innovation within your firm rather than only being reactive

Being able to make the most of your staff is what IT systems exist for – productivity. In the same vein, it is important to ensure you have the most productive and specialist person(s) assist you with IT projects, support and maintenance.

Hayachi Services prefer on-site and dedicated resources because it fundamentally offers a higher-quality and better-value service which serves our clients needs best. Our preference for on-site expertise is among the many reasons we have always delivered each and every one of our IT projects on-time and on-budget.

Many IT service providers opt to charge you for access to Level 2 or 3 support, and at a higher rate band which can often be higher than fifty pounds an hour. This in turn means that a good deal of time is wasted at 1st line (Level 1) support during your most time-sensitive and critical issues, which then translates into wasting further time for a higher-level resource to familiarise themselves with a concern – while still remaining chargeable.

Not making the most of Desktop Support is wasteful and expensive – any firm that charges you for their very most junior staff can never offer value for the expertise you are rightly intending to receive. This naturally translates into poorly delivered IT projects, such as installing every server with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) because of a lack of training or knowledge on the service provider’s side.

We offer these insights with years of experience helping Managed Service Providers retain their top-clients through our proven model of providing excellent service with on-site Support Analysts. There is a significant false-economy and loss of revenue otherwise.

What is more efficient when using Desktop Support?

Efficiency can mean different things to different people, it is about striking a natural balance between volume and quality of work delivered.

Where our clients make the most on volume from our Desktop Support offering is with the Service Desk – it is complimentary to the on-site service and as such enhances it, providing effective triage and quick-fixes for day-to-day and project work. Further to this, the Desktop Support can also help remote users.

Where our clients make the most on quality is through the on-site expertise of the Desktop Support team themselves – building knowledge about how your firm operates allows them to prioritise tasks and attend to the most pressing concerns with context. This in turn can be fed back to our Service Desk for them to emulate this foreknowledge.

Many IT service providers try to offer an on-site service without offering complimentary Remote Support, which prevents them from working on projects on busy days where the Service Desk could step in for support. This bare-minimum approach fails often because it prevents senior resources from delegating simple tasks.

Conversely these very same IT service providers suggest you should pay for an experienced Support Analyst or Project Engineer, where they in fact have no brief for the day or any familiarity with your core operation (because they are not dedicated). It is central to any business to have reliable services with knowledge of the business and not just the technology because the latter can be implemented in myriad ways.

By structuring Desktop Support as your first port of call for time-sensitive or complex  challenges you can tap straight into the expertise you need, as and when you need it. 

Instead of being Remote-first you can rest assured in having a dedicated resource within close proximity, even if only a single person once a week, to ensure things get done by a Support Analyst familiar with your organisation.

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