Preventing a Databreach

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Secure your IT Estate

A databreach is: an incident in which data, computer systems or networks are accessed or affected in a non-authorised way (Source: NCSC).

Want to experience peace-of-mind? Want to ensure that your business can innovate and grow securely?

We specialize in providing leading security solutions and systems software for the legal sector, perfect for SMEs wanting to use cutting-edge technologies but to stay secure when doing so.

Small businesses are especially vulnerable

The information security landscape is always changing as we play a game of cat-and-mouse with cyber-criminals. Protect your business from disaster with world-leading Endpoint Detection and Response solutions which prevent the threats from executing in the first place.

Chat with us and to see how Endpoint Detection and Response can build a secure foundation for your firm

Ensure peace of mind with the cloud-native AD360 platform and keep your practice secure

Use the best cyber-security solutions

Our partnership with Panda Security makes us well placed to provide a holistic approach to secure your estate and build a formidable cyber posture through Managed Security Services.

Securing organisations of all sizes, including our own, rest assured you are in good hands when you choose Panda Security Adaptive Defense 360.

Get the VIP treatment as a Covenant signatory

As an armed forces Covenant signatory we provide a no-nonsense 15% discount on all of our services.

Enjoy world-leading technologies, implemented in the knowledge you are doing a social-good at a price that can’t be beaten.

We always recommend clients implement best-practice from the National Cyber Security Centre so be certain to visit them regularly.

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