Cybersecurity with Panda Security

Panda Adaptive Defense 360
The only EDR with 100% classification and Threat Hunting as standard

Protection against malware, ransomware, exploits, hacking attacks and much more

A rise in cyberattacks targeting businesses of all sizes across the UK has seen sensitive information exposed, operations interrupted, and data encrypted by ransomware. Breaches caused by a malicious cyberattack are not only the most common, but also the most expensive.

Panda Security are the leading European vendor of EDR systems, with 30 years’ experience providing cybersecurity services to prevent against advanced threats in all size organizations.

Why Panda Security is the best solution for your organisation

  • Panda Security understands risks associated with stakeholders and staff, and safeguards their activity, access and content from all cyberthreats using Machine Learning and Managed Security Services (at no extra cost to you).
  • Cutting edge EDR technology with 100% classification, to prevent any malicious process executing, and Threat Hunting to identify malwareless ‘Living off the Land’ and other hacker attacks, all as a service.
  • Centralised cloud portal for ease of management, licensing, complete visibility and activity reporting. This frees up your IT administrators from firefighting or investigating false security alerts.
  • Additional modules: Advanced Reporting Tool, Patch Management, Encryption and Data Control, that increase cyber resilience and require no additional installation or infrastructure.
  • Easy and quick to deploy including auto uninstaller capabilities, saving time and effort to migrate from common security solutions to Panda Security.
  • UK based technical, sales and operational support. Panda Security are available to assist with all aspects of your security lifecycle at no extra cost to you.
  • Competitive commercial terms for Businesses, including buy-out of existing subscriptions (subject to terms) to benefit from best-of-breed solutions at the best possible pricing.

Panda Security Portfolio

Panda Adaptive Defense 360
Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is the only Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution, with 100% process attestation and active Threat Hunting services included as standard.

Panda Advanced Reporting Tool
Panda Advanced Reporting Tool provides all the necessary data to draw informed conclusions about corporate IT and security management.

Panda Data Control
Panda Data Control assists organizations in discovering and protecting personal and sensitive data, both in real time and throughout its lifecycle on endpoints and servers.

Panda Full Encryption
Panda Full Encryption centrally deploys and manages BitLocker across your network. What happens on your device, stays on your device

Panda Patch Management
Panda Patch Management is a solution to manage vulnerabilities and their corresponding updates and patches, both for operating systems and hundreds of applications.

Panda Endpoint Protection Plus
Panda Endpoint Protection Plus provides centralized management of security and productivity for Windows, Linux, Mac, Exchange and Android devices.

Panda Systems Management
Panda Systems Management is the easy and affordable way to manage, monitor and maintain all your organization’s devices, whether they are in the office or remote.

Panda Email Protection
Panda Email Protection – 95% of email reaching companies is infected and/or is spam – get maximum security for your company email

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