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Cloud Security – a different perspective

Taking a leaf from Kendo when talking about Cloud Security

Kendo is ‘The Way of The Sword’ – a martial art heavily rooted in Buddhism and seeks to build a culture of striving for improvement.

Tackling Cloud Security challenges is not dissimilar to learning Kendo – it is about continuous work to improve a craft, but is naturally impossible to perfect. In that sense it is a realistic worldview that is about consistent hard effort to achieve shared goals.

See the British Kendo Association Website. The purpose of Kendo has parallels with Cloud Security, as follows:

  • To mould the mind and body
  • To cultivate a vigorous spirit
  • And through correct and rigid training
  • To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo
  • To hold in esteem human courtesy and honour
  • To associate with others with sincerity
  • And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself
  • Thus will one be able to:
  • To love ones country and society
  • To contribute to the development of culture
  • And to promote peach and prosperity among all people
  • To mould a Cloud estate
  • To cultivate active IT Security
  • And through correct and rigid compliance and enforcement
  • To strive for improvement in Cloud Security
  • To hold in esteem human input and integrity in building IT systems
  • To Continuously Integrate (CI/CD) with IT Systems
  • And to forever pursue securely operating a Cloud IT Estate
  • In doing so we can achieve:
  • Improving our and national security
  • To contribute to the development of more secure IT systems
  • And to promote effective resistance to cyberthreats and cyberwar

Learning lessons from diverse sources

Quite out there isn’t it? In a belief that learning how to wield a sword can promote peace and prosperity we veer from simple sport to ideas about leadership, discipline and taking effective action. Being rooted into a community and holding each other in high esteem reflects a view that getting ‘stuck in’ and involved has value in itself.

If you read the right-hand side we gather that to achieve viable Cloud Security an organisation must: mould their own Cloud system, actively cultivate IT Security through a culture of Continuous Improvement, implement correct and rigid compliance requirements which are designed by people held in high esteem, and to do so consistently lest this slip.

Many organisations depend heavily on ex-Forces or ex-Sports leaders because these skills are transferable and valuable. Thinking about Cloud Security with a different perspective ensures that you can look at it in a holistic way.

Aside from this, Kendo is an amazing sport and we hope this introduction assists your Security Operations Centre in building a shared-experience of what effective Cloud Security looks like.

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