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Automating Payroll

How Automating Payroll can enhance your business' offering

For many organisations staff costs and the administrative burden of managing staff can be the primary barrier to growing your business and providing for existing customers.

Manual payroll practices are workable for smaller firms with negligible staff turnover, although for any organisation above a micro-business the time lost is simply an unnecessary cost.

Building a smooth recruitment, retention and payroll capability early-on for your business, be you self-employed or part of a larger outfit, is central to demonstrating to staff that you are a capable business worth working for.

Happy staff often equals happy customers and the ability to seamlessly manage your HR and payroll requirements in a single solution, which also ‘plugs-in’ to industry-leading accountancy solutions is a ticket to success.

For businesses who are not interested in employing staff but still wish to benefit for extra-hands on an ad-hoc basis it is still important to have relevant on-boarding, off-boarding and payment processes in place. 

Depending on the type of help hired you may find it much easier to engage a consultant directly, and a system which accommodates your automating payroll can only work to your benefit.

It is critical to use a cloud-based platform which integrates with accountancy software

Businesses which have difficulty hiring will often benefit from a review of their processes from the ground-up, from recruitment to retention and ensuring staff are fully aware of what and how they are paid. At Hayachi Services we use Moonworkers to give us this flexibility.

Automation is often seen to be a ‘big’ thing, not suited to smaller or more agile businesses which need to move quickly. This could not be further from the truth, if your firm cares about being paid on time then automating billing and payments is to your benefit, the same for upholding commercial agreements and of course, staff retention.

It is easy to forget how newer entrants into the workforce increasingly expect their employers to employ modern systems using cutting-edge technology, as well as established technologies such as APIs so that things ‘talk’.

The ability to routinely check-in with staff is invaluable and greatly increases staff retention, saving your business money to the tune of perhaps tens of thousands of pounds.

Automating payroll enables you to consistently pay staff and contractors, which in turn improves retention. Being able to communicate how and why you pay when you do can reframe conversations about remittance resulting in much happier staff and suppliers.

Automation can and should start small, and scale easily.

Automating Payroll needs the right supplier

Earlier in this piece we mentioned Moonworkers, who are used by Hayachi Services in order to attract, retain and pay talent. Our customers often have significant trouble with retention hence them need to lean on a specialist IT Consultancy to deliver their mission-critical projects.

Ultimately good-service requires people-power, namely because any business is ultimately a human organisation. Being able to operate an ethical business which rewards effort and care is important. Payroll is a critical part of the package which any employee, contractor or worker would rightly expect to be attended to promptly.

Being able to demonstrate from day 1 that your business has established workflows, automating what you can to improve the ‘customer experience’ and that staff are routinely paid well and on-time, is of critical importance to us as a business and saves us a lot of unnecessary costs.

This capability is delivered through leading software solutions which are compliant with all relevant legislation, but also implemented through significant deliberation to create a frictionless experience of working for us.

Being capability-driven when automating your payroll is very important, not only going to established brand but working hard to identify the provider of choice who has the best offering. It is certainly the case that businesses need to market themselves, but if your business opts for the first automated payroll solution you come across online it may cost you a significant amount of time to shape it to your needs.

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