Automate the Boring Stuff

Benefits of automating the daily operation of your IT estate

  • Lower Project Costs
  • Faster Migration
  • Standardised Infrastructure
  • Resilience for Critical Workloads
  • Compliance across your Information Systems
  • Greater control over Security Operations

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

Albert Einstein

Tools we recommend

We are forever vendor neutral, however that is not to say we lack favourites. Our technology partnerships allow you to take the best-of-breed solutions in industry and adapt them to meet your requirements.


It does cost money to keep Patching consistently, but Gartner believe that 99% of security breaches are as a result of KNOWN vulnerabilities.

For cybersecurity it costs more money to do nothing.

Cyberattacks are not ‘targeted’ very much in the sense that when one walks into a pond by mistake, the pond hasn’t targeted you in particular – nor has the rain, or the planet. But it does happen. When a preventable cyberattack happens it costs money and damages brand reputation.


When migrating your infrastructure three things really matter:

  • Speed – if it takes too long to migrate your information systems you firm will compound technical debt
  • Consistency – if you can’t maintain a consistent information system when migrating it becomes increasingly expensive to remediate this afterwards
  • Cost – migrating information systems can be very complex and therein expensive. It is better to engineer-out human error and deploy tested pre-determined infrastructure

Delivering with Consistency and Speed using Red Hat Ansible Tower saves your firm money allowing you to further invest in your information systems, save or distribute those savings.

Datacentre Operation

In a digital environment, ongoing innovation is critical to your success. Modernizing your IT Infrastructure is key to driving innovation, improving customer experiences, boosting reliability and security, and competitiveness.

Micro-services are an incredibly valuable part of this but are fundamentally based on Kubernetes operations, and on Linux infrastructure. Even in a Microsoft Azure cloud, your datacentre depends on automation technologies unique to the Linux operating system.

Automate in the right places and put the human where it counts.

Outsourcing datacentre operation is perfectly fine. We help you build the expertise to undertake a thorough cost-benefit analysis with us to maximise the efficacy of your firm using automation regardless of location, vendor or service provider.

Application Deployment

Deploying applications across your estate is no mean feat – if you do not plan ahead and automate the process, be it to a handful of laptops or myriad offices across the globe.

Industry leading virtualisation is always based on a *nix OS, such as Red Hat Virtualisation and VMWare and thus natively supports Python. Our choice tool for automating virtual application deployment is Red Hat Ansible Tower, on account of its complete neutrality through Python.

When it comes to installing a full suite of applications to a device – be it a server or workstation – a lightweight client that can punch above its weight is ideal. Once again, Red Hat Ansible Tower is proven to work in the most critical environments such as for the British Army, and allows complex and simple applications to be deployed to devices at speed.

Chat with us to find out how we can enable your business use best-of-breed automation technology and make the most of your workforce.