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Armed Forces Covenant

Hayachi and the Armed Forces Covenant

Hayachi Services are a proud signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, which aims to support businesses and individuals who are associated with the Ministry of Defence and the amazing people who work to serve the country.

Many people who are spouses or children of Forces-families are disadvantaged, can suffer stress or specific challenges and obstacles in life. 

In recognition of the financial difficulties the community faces we notably offer an upfront 15% discount on all of our products and services as part of our Covenant, including to fellow organisations who are signatories.

There are many individuals who choose to serve as Regular or Reserve soldiers and can be disadvantaged in daily life as a result of the commitments necessary to work in the Ministry of Defence.

Hayachi Services recognizes these challenges and wishes to support businesses and individuals associated with the Armed Forces through:

  • ensuring no member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen;
  • in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate especially for the injured or bereaved;


  • promoting the fact that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation, on our website and in other materials which carry the company name or logo, as appropriate;
  • seeking to support the employment of veterans young and old and working with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), in order to establish a tailored employment pathway for Service Leavers;
  • striving to support the employment of Service spouses and partners, and seeking to independently audit our efforts annually so that we know where to improve our efforts;
  • endeavouring to offer flexibility in granting leave for Service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner’s deployment;
  • seeking to support our employees who choose to be members of the Reserve Forces, including by accommodating their training and deployment where possible, and to provide opportunities for flexible working;
  • enabling employees who are active members of the Reserve Forces to maintain their training commitments by providing special unlimited paid leave arrangements as defined in the Reserve Forces Employee Relations Policy
  • offering support to our local cadet units, either in our local community or in local schools, where possible;
  • aiming to actively participate in Armed Forces Day;
  • offering a 15% discount to members of the Armed Forces Community and fellow signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant;
  • to recognize and account for any military skills and qualifications employees or prospective employees seek or already hold;
  • striving to support our employees in charitable activities related to the Armed Forces, be they Regular or Reserve, including by encouraging employees to volunteer and raise funds for Armed Forces charities, and providing employees paid leave or other support to enable them to do this.

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