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At Hayachi, we’re all about doing things differently, and we like to think that there’s a little bit of our personality in everything we do. Our customers love our positive, forward-thinking approach, and we hope you will too!

We are:


Being professional doesn’t mean that people can’t be themselves, and we are proud of our quirky, personal approach to life and business. As much as we love technology, even we don’t like working with robots! We always want you to feel like you’re dealing with real people with a genuine interest in you and your business.


We love what we do, you should too! We think business should be fun wherever possible, but it’s hard to feel that way when your IT Systems aren’t functioning properly. The Hayachi team is here to put the smile back on your face!

Here to help, always

No excuses, we’re here to help! The growth and innovation of your business is paramount, to you and to us, and we’ll do everything we can to help and support you whilst we accompany you on your journey.

Who is Hayachi?

HayachiHaya-Ji or Haya-Tsu-Muji-No-Kami more completely – is the Shinto god of the Whirlwind.

Shintoism is an ancient religion native to Japan, with gods – or kami – for almost every aspect of daily life. Controlling the winds and summoning Typhoons at will, Haya-Ji was, in every sense, a force of nature – just like us!

Hayachi has temples consecrated to him in Izumo, Japan – those well travelled amongst our clients are more than welcome to brace themselves to meet a deity that brings typhoons and whirlwinds to us.

Founded in 2017, Hayachi Services is an IT Consultancy which works with organisations of all sizes across the UK. Our wide-variety of clients include leading international law firms, global financial institutions, developers, retro-game stores and more.

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